Razor updated his Cod6 Cheats yet again! This time he has added smiley faces to the enemy in game as well as skeleton bones. When the enemy is behind a wall or not visible for killing they look the the picture below. It’s very funny and so much fun to use in game. Like all of our Cod6 Cheats options this can of course be turned on or off at anytime during cheating. I also included a new image showing off the new hack menu, enjoy. As always download now only at www.CALLOFDUTYCHEATS.com

snaamloos2y Cod 6 Cheats   Smiley Face
snaamlooswr Cod 6 Cheats   Smiley Face

COD 6 Cheats – Fixed Match Making Server Issue – First Site Ever!
We have some great news for all you Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hacks addicts out there. All hack sites were having a problem where the match making server would not find any games except for hacked servers. Up until now nobody could fix the problem. Razor just fixed it so now you find every single server and not just a few! Currently we are the only hack site in the world that has fixed this issue. While using other hacks for MW2 you will only get put into the hacker servers, our hack will get you into all the servers. Check out the awesome video below and see why no other hack site can touch us. Also check out the test screenshots showing we got enough kills for end round nukes and no deaths, yes our MW2 Hack rocks! DOWNLOAD NOW – CLICK HERE
ssnuke1 COD 6 Cheats   Huge News Update!ssnuke2 COD 6 Cheats   Huge News Update!

Modern Warfare 2 Hack Updated to Rage!
Razor also updated his hack again and it will beat any other Modern Warfare 2 Hack out and we guarantee it! We went up against other hack sites ingame and none of them can touch us! We beat the other hack coders in every match and they were not even close to beating our score. Our hack is dead on accurate and we guarantee you that you won’t be beat. DOWNLOAD NOW – CLICKvvd1a COD 6 Cheats   Huge News Update!
MW2 Hack Still Undetected

Razor also updated his anti cheat code again and our MW2 Hack is still undetected by VAC & XRAY anti cheat. He simply disabled the VAC services so now you can play without being detected and having to worry about buying a new key. He also includes code so XRAY can’t catch you hacking at all. Again, we are the only hack site offering these services to help keep you protected. DOWNLOAD NOW – CLICK HERE
vvd1 COD 6 Cheats   Huge News Update!

MW2 Hacks VAC Disabler!

February 22nd, 2012

Our MW2 Hacks now come with a VAC disabler! Currently we have had no bans on with out COD MW2 Hacks in over 3 months! Check around and you will see all other hack sites still get detected almost weekly! If you want to join the best community and get the fastest aimbot for Modern Warfare 2 then Join CALLOFDUTYHACKS.com now by Clicking Here.

vacdisabled46 MW2 Hacks VAC Disabler!

MW2 Hacks Video

February 19th, 2012

Kief just made a new MW2 Hacks video showing why our COD MW2 Hacks are the best in the world! Check out the action in the video below, his raging simply rocks. You can download this hack as well as 4 other hacks just by becoming a site subscriber at CALLOFDUTYCHEATS.com

COD MW2 Aimbot

January 22nd, 2012

Our COD MW2 Aimbot is already available to download for anyone who has VIP access. We have the #1 rated aimbot in the world. Our aimbot was featured all over the world (seen below on MTV news) as the first aimbot released for CODMW2 only 2 hours after the game was released to the public. Only at www.CALLOFDUTYCHEATS.com

news1 COD MW2 Aimbot

COD 6 Cheats Released

December 12th, 2011

Only 12 hours after COD6 was released to the public we have released the first EVER COD6 Cheats to VIP users. Our Cheats allow you to rank up so fast in COD6 Modern Warfare 2 that you can get all your unlocks in ONE day! Win every single battle and have more fun playing than every before. Simply CLICK HERE to get COD6 Cheat Access Now!

small mw2kp1 COD 6 Cheats Released

COD 6 Cheats Features

September 12th, 2009

COD 6 Cheats are on the way to www.CALLOFDUTYHACKS.com - Our coder already has his hack base built and we will have the first ever COD 6 Cheats released once the game is out to the public. Below is the feature list being developed for our hacks. Please keep coming back to check out progress and release information.


Aim on key/full autoaim
Aimthruwalls (kill enemies thru walls)
Location prediction (much better than other bots)
Bullet correction
No recoil
Priority system for target selection
Auto shooter
Grenade aimbot
Aim lock
Vector/Tag support
Humanised aiming
Random aiming
Ignore/Enemy lists

Player names
Player distance
Player weapon
Player health
Class icon ESP
Grenade/trapmines icon ESP incl. timer
Bounding boxes
Playerstate indicator (Zoomed, moving)

Threat warning
Kill stats
Grenade trace & prediction
Sniper scope removal
No Shellshock/no flashbang/no fog
3D radar/direction indicator
Multikill/headshot messages (with icons!!)

Auto vote/kick
Auto name change
Auto grenade throwback

Colored models
Chams, colors customizable

Aequitas/CAL/ANY anticheat
Cvar unlocker
Winamp spammer
Instant level up to 55
Config autosave/load (also by menu)
Multi-Mod support (works on any COD4 version, e.g. PAM)
Easy Setup

Multikill sounds
Spree sounds

Console spammer (frags, winamp)
Custom killspam

Stealth hooking
Cvar hide
Clean screenshots
Enhanced PB protection
Dynamic polymorphism (beat PB signature scans

See players thru walls

First Ever COD 6 Cheats Released

September 12th, 2009

COD 6 is a brand new first person shooter due out later this year . This is one of the most anticipated online FPS games to play. Our coders will be the first to have the hack readily available for download and INSTANT USE!. We’ll have the first ever released Call of Duty 6 hack on the internet. Call Of Duty 6 is supposed to be one of the most popular first person shooters ever released to date.

COD 6, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, not even released yet but we have the first one ready to move out the door! While www.CALLOFDUTYHACKS.com always holds the lead when it comes to hacking and video game cheats because of its quality support and hacks, this is one game that we will also put a strangle hold on. If you seem to be having difficulties finding awesome quality COD 6 Cheats, you know you can always come back to this page and download them here. Good luck!

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September 12th, 2009

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